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 eBook Creation Service

Is Your Book Ready?

The Book World is Going Digital for Three Simple Reasons:

1. It's More Economical: Readers are able to browse and order books online at half the cost.

2. It's More Efficient: Why leave the comfort of your home and go to a bookstore to look for a book, or order a printed book online and wait days to receive it, when the technology is available for a reader to order a book and start reading it on their computer or hand-held device within a few minutes?

3. It's Better for the Environment: Digital books save trees and cut down on energy costs.

Get Your Books Ready to Compete in the
Digital Marketplace with
Christian Media Promo's
eBook Creation Service

Christian Media Promo will convert your book files into 9 different e-book reader formats, and we will make your e-book available on Amazon Kindle, on GospelLightBookstore.com, and send you the e-book files to make it available on your website as well and then we will create and send out an ecard announcing your e-book to the world for just $198.00. When you sell an e-book through your website, you keep all of the profits from that sale. (You may do this yourself, however if you do not have the time or expertise, we can do it for you.)

Submitting Your Book Files

Please e-mail your book cover in .PDF or .JPG format to cmp@christianmediapromo.com.
Please e-mail the interior of your book in Microsoft Word and PDF format to cmp@christianmediapromo.com.

Order the eBook Creation Service for just $198.00 Below:

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